Scientists trapped at remote outpost by polar bears

BYLINE: Patrick Jones

Five Russian scientists are in a bit of trouble.

They are meteorologists who were working at a remote outposts on a small island that's a part of an archipelago north of Russia which is a part of the biggest nature preserve in the country.

The outpost was completely surrounded by ten polar bears and their cubs making it impossible for them to leave.

Now they weren't in danger of starving or anything like that, they had shelter and the post supposedly has enough food to last them a year.

Really it was like being snowed in...with teeth on the outside.

The scientists didn't want to do anything to harm the bears despite the fact they had eaten the post's guard dog, and polar bears are a protected species in Russia.

The whole reason the bears are even on that island is because of human activity. Thankfully another group has been able to visit the outpost and scare the bears away by making enough noise delivering flares as well as dogs to chase them away.

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