Two students in California may have leprosy

A disease that was once stigmatized but has since been found to be treatable is nonetheless scaring some parents whose kids are attending school with two potential carriers.

KCBS reports that on Friday, administrators at Indian Hills Elementary School in Jurupa Valley, California, sent a precautionary letter about the students who may have leprosy.

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Also called Hansen's disease, the condition can lead to visible wounds but is not spread through brief physical contact as had previously been thought.

Despite the low rates of transmission and the two as-yet unconfirmed diagnoses, some parents have decided to keep their kids home.

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The school, meanwhile, has reportedly said that the situation does not present a health risk, as classrooms have been cleaned and the potentially infected students have not been in attendance.

Their test results are expected to take weeks.

According to the Los Angeles Times, it is unknown "whether the two suspected cases were in the same family."

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