Woman arrested after taking 3 French fries from officer's plate

It's hard to resist the allure of French fries. Typically, indulging in some will cost you no more than several dollars.

However, a woman recently ended up paying far more for her craving.

According to WUSA, she was arrested on Wednesday after allegedly taking three French fries from a police officer's plate at a Washington, D.C. restaurant.

The unidentified woman reportedly decided to sit next to the officer, then reached over and grabbed two fries. The officer warned her to stop.

In a police report, he is quoted as saying, "I then politely asked D-1 to not do that again because I paid for that food and she was stealing from me and she could be arrested for theft of my food."

As you would have guessed what happened next, the woman proceeded to grab the third fry and that's when she was arrested and charged with theft.

"French Fried Potato...quantity 3," is how the stolen property was described in the police report.

The fate of the remaining fries on the officer's plate is unknown.

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7 french fries you have to try once in your life
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7 french fries you have to try once in your life

Ooey Gooey Fries
Los Angeles, California

Beer-battered fries covered in three cheeses (monterey jack, cheddar and cojita), sour cream sambal, chillies and pickled garlic.

Price: $6

Photo credit: Facebook

Pastrami Cheese Fries
Kenny and Zukes
Portland, Oregon

Classic French fries topped with your choice of beef or turkey pastrami and then covered in melted cheeses.

Price: $11.95

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Urban Fries
Jack's Urban Eats
Sacramento, California 

Thin fries cooked in super spicy chili oil and topped with melted bleu cheese and chili flakes.

Price: $3.95 for regular size, $5.25 family size

Photo credit: Facebook

Boston, Massachusetts

Specially hand-cut fries that are topped with cheese curds and gravy and your choice of add-ons, which include a deep-fried egg, bacon bits, truffle mushrooms, pork belly and a "bacon n' stout" braised beef.

Price: Regular size for $6.75, Big for $8.50
add-ons are $1.50 for a fried egg and $3 (each) for bacon bits, truffle mushrooms, pork belly and braised beef

Photo credit: Facebook

Dirty Dirty Fries
Pickled Fish
Long Beach, Washington

Thick, hand cut fries covered in garlic, fried pork belly, Pepperoncini and goat cheese. Served with truffled ketchup. 

Price: $10

Photo credit: Facebook

Loaded Crack Fries
Detroit, Michigan 

Beer battered French fries topped with black pepper seasoning, smoked bacon, pickled jalapeños, red onions and cheese sauce. And if that's not enough, there's also an option to add chili.

Price: $7.50 (+$2.00 for chili) 

Photo credit: Facebook

Smothered Fries
Shaved Duck
St. Louis, Missouri

Hand cut fries topped with pulled rib and pork meat, cheese sauce and fresh, sharp cheddar.

Price: $9.99

Photo credit: Facebook


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