Man does amazing act after overhearing racist comments

Sometimes, you can't help but eavesdrop on other people's conversations -- and you may not like what you hear. Australian and Aboriginal Jarred Wall experienced just that when he was out for lunch with his fiancé.

Two elderly women at another table were discussing Aboriginal people in a rude manner. He told the local ABC affiliate, "The first part of the conversation started with basically one of them saying 'He got into power because of the color of his skin' and it escalated from there."

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While this made the 31-year-old upset, he decided not to lash out at them. Wall said that they probably did not realize he was an Aboriginal, and yelling at them would not help the situation.

Instead, he wanted to do something nice: he bought them a pot of tea. Wall posted the receipt for the tea on Facebook:

"Maybe these ladies will be a little wiser and think before they speak," Wall wrote. "Hopefully there won't be a next time!"

Wall's act resonated with others; the post has received thousands of shares, likes and comments. Wall was surprised and honored by the reception. He told ABC, "I certainly did not expect it to spiral the way it has."

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