'Water vigilante' shutting off residents' water in the middle of the night

SACRAMENTO (KTXL) -- Some brazen activity during the middle of the night in the Tahoe Park area of town has been reported.

Residents have labeled the person the "water vigilante" after a series of reports of someone going around the neighborhood and turning off the water to homes in an apparent reminder that California is still in a drought.

"I would think it's just one person that really wants to make sure that the drought is taken seriously, and is going around and making a change," said Abram Freer.

Freer is one of many residents that is tired of the "water vigilante" making waves.

In the past few weeks neighbors have reported on the website Nextdoor.com that during the middle of the night, and when their sprinklers are on, someone is entering their property and shutting off the main water valve to the entire residence.

"Yeah, who would drive by or walk by or look out their window in the middle of the night and think, 'I'm going to go walk on their lawn and turn off their water,' right underneath our window," said Freer.

Freer said his neighbor also had several plants ripped out of his yard and replaced with a cactus.

Others have posted about their experiences online.

"This is brazen behavior. It does sound as though some idiot feels they can dictate the amount of water people can or should use, even if they are committing a crime in doing so," wrote a Tahoe Park resident recently.

Another said: "Water vigilante..don't turn off the water to my entire house again. You have to go right next to my bedroom window to do that and that makes me very uncomfortable."

According to the city of Sacramento who controls the water to the Tahoe Park area, what is going on is considered trespassing at the very least. Residents just want whoever is doing this to just stop.

"You can leave a note in our mailbox, or you can come and talk to me about it and let me know what your issues are," said Freer. "But coming in and turning off the water at someone's house, especially in the middle of the night, seems kind of creepy."

Sacramento police said they have not received any reports from residents, but they did urge people to contact them if they think anyone is coming onto their property late at night for any reason. They also suggest that residents not try to take matters into their own hands.

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