This simple trick will keep you in shape this fall

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As fall comes around (and so does pumpkin spice everything), it becomes harder and harder to stay in shape. Our trick for staying on track all year round? The Fitbit Charge.

This sleek and simple wristband will track your sleep, record what you eat, and keep tabs on your workouts for you. So even when self-control goes out the window, you can easily assess the damage and get back on track.

It even automatically logs all your workout info for you, from your heart rate and calories burned to the number of stairs you somehow managed your way up (high five!). The icing on the cake is that the Fitbit also acts as a smart watch, delivering notifications of calls and texts while you're on the run.

Select the size that suits you best: large (6.2" to 7.6") or small (5.6" to 6.2"). This refurbished version is just like new and even ships for free to the continental US for a total of only $99.99. Don't let your fitness--or this deal--get away from you!

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