Single mom dresses up as a man to attend 'Donuts with Dad' event at son's school

Not all heroes wear capes. Some, like Yevette Vasquez, opt for fake mustaches instead.

One day, when Vasquez, a single mother from Fort Worth, Texas, was dropping off her son Elijah at school, she noticed an unusual amount of cars parked outside the building.

When Vasquez discovered the reason for the gathering -- a father/child event called "Donuts with Dad -- she immediately whipped her vehicle back around with a brilliant idea in mind.

"We quickly went back home cause I wasn't about to let him miss out....." Vasquez wrote on Facebook. "I know seeing other dads with there kids isn't easy for mine but its life, at least I can do whatever it takes to put a smile on that face."

Vasquez returned to the school, adorned in a baseball cap, plaid shirt and fake mustache -- all so her son wouldn't have to miss out on the event.

Since she posted photos of her amazing costume on Facebook, they've been shared over 5,700 times and garnered more than 16,000 likes.

Vasquez told CNN that most people at the event were enthusiastic about her outfit as well -- although, there were a few haters in the building.

"Most of the dads thought it was really cool. They thought it was really supportive and sweet," she said. "I did feel the energy of a few men who weren't as comfortable with it though."

Forget what they say, can someone please get this woman a "#1 Dad" mug, pronto?

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