Man uses his wanted poster for Facebook profile photo, gets arrested

Man Uses His Wanted Poster For Facebook Profile Photo, Gets Arrested

Facebook users typically use profile pictures which reflect a positive image, but one man was not so discerning, and it got him arrested.

Earlier this week, Stuart Police in Florida tweeted about a man named Mack Yearwood who the department states "used his 'Wanted of the Week' poster as his profile pic on social media."

The accompanying image shows a screenshot confirming that Yearwood made the change on March 2 along with the virtual flyer containing his picture, name, age, weight, and alleged crime.

According to the Palm Beach Post, the photo was used to "help identify him as a suspect in a reported disturbance from Monday night at a home in Stuart."

Investigators note that Yearwood was taken into custody on Tuesday for two "outstanding charges," reports WPTV.

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