This super-smiley rescue pup helped his humans get engaged

The Most Unromantic Proposal Ever

Rescue dog Meatball (Meaty for short) might be the smiliest pup around — and he's helping his humans smile, too.

Lisa Reilly adopted Meaty from the Fresno Bully Rescue after seeing his photo on Facebook. In an essay for Petco, she wrote that although it was love at first sight, Meaty was not the best-behaved pup at first.

"Everything went wrong," she wrote. "I woke up to a sea of chewed shoes; he barked and yodeled at me when he wasn't fed on time; he chased our little dogs; and he would just lay down on walks, refusing to budge any further. I won't even mention his snoring or excessive gas. Such a gem, he was."

Luckily, Reilly had someone to help her out with Meaty and his antics — Joe, who she'd just gone on a first date with.

The two bonded instantly.

Eventually, Joe enlisted Meaty for an important mission: proposing to Reilly. He dressed his pup friend in a fashionable tuxedo and, naturally, taught him to balance a ring on his snout.

Now, the three are their own happy family. Meatball continues to smile, of course.

His fashion game also remains strong.

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Bonus: Another dog!

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