Rare sighting of mesmerizing but threatening sea creature


Don't let the beautiful color of the glaucus atlanticus, also known as the "blue dragon," fool you -- its sting should be feared.

Although these small dragons, generally about an inch or two long, are water dwellers who float wherever the currents take them, a rare sighting occurred earlier this month when one washed ashore in Queensland, Australia.

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Came across this odd critter at Broadbeach today. It\'s a Glaucus Atlanticus.

Posted by Lucinda Fry on Thursday, November 12, 2015

While the tiny size, stunning color and interesting skin patterns may make you want to carry these unique sea slugs around in your palm forever, they are more dangerous than they look.

In order to catch prey, such as the bluebottle stinger, they often cling on to the toxic Portuguese man o' war, engulfing their poisonous nematocyst cells and saving them in small sacs to later sting their own predators.

Because of the concentrated nature of the slug\'s venom, its sting is extremely potent. Reported effects of human contact with the tiny "dragon" include hives, burning and dark, damaged patches of skin.

To make a long story short: Don't judge a tiny, adorable, blue, shiny book by its cover.

Watch this man put another animal that's more dangerous than it looks into his mouth:

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Man Puts Poisonous Frogs in Mouth

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