This breed of cats makes them look just like werewolves

Breeder Introduces Extremely Rare Werewolf-Like Lykoi Cat
Breeder Introduces Extremely Rare Werewolf-Like Lykoi Cat

Halloween may be over, but one cat breed ensures you can stay in the spooky spirit all year round. The cats, called Lykoi, have such wolf-like creatures that people have referred to it as a 'werewolf cats,' according to The Huffington Post.

The word 'Lykoi' comes from the Greek word for 'wolf'. Its intriguing features include a unique hair pattern that sometimes can become almost leave the feline completely bald, resembling a Sphynx cat.

Veterinarian Dr. Johnny Gobble told ABC News that the Lykoi cats' distinctive features stem from a natural mutation. They also lack an undercoat as well as hair around the eyes, nose and muzzle.

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Gobble began breeding Lykoi in 2010, but his website estimates that the mutation has been appearing in domestic shorthair cats for nearly 20 years.

He told ABC News that not everyone loves the breed as much as him.

%shareLinks-quote="People are creeped out by them ... There's people out there that completely hate them. There's people out there that hate me because they think I spliced DNA." type="quote" author="Dr. Johnny Gobble" authordesc="" isquoteoftheday="false"%

He disputes the claims, stating that his cats are tested and their unique look is not caused by a disease or disorder. Gobble also added that the felines have no additional health issues beyond the ones average cats already face.

Owning a Lykoi of your own will set you back a pretty penny -- the cats range in price from $1,500 for a blue to $2,500 for a black roan, according to The Huffington Post.

Those who are willing to pay up a Lykoi of their own should be willing wait a long time. There are currently no kittens available for adoption at this time, but intrigued buyers can add their names to a waitlist.

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