Trying to reflect more in 2021? Try this one-question-a-day journal

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Making time for self-care seems to be more important than ever these days. If you want to spend more time self-reflecting in 2021, don’t let the resolution hang over your head every day or feel daunting, there’s an easy (and fun) way to check-in with yourself each day.

The Q&A a Day book is a five-year journal that asks you 365 different questions over the course of a year. After you finish all of the questions for the first year, you’ll start the journal again, and for the next four years, you’ll answer the same question on the same day each year.

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The prompts you’ll answer over the five years range from the deep to the more trivial like “are you in love,” “what are you looking forward to,” and “name one item you can’t throw away.”

Not only is this journal a low lift (who doesn’t have time to answer one question a day?), but it’s also a great tool to reflect on where you were in your life during previous years by how you answered the same question. Did your views change as the years passed? Did they stay the same?

With almost 6,000 ratings and 4.7 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this petite book is a home run with shoppers. Happy reviewers have called the self-study journal a “new favorite bedtime ritual” and a “great, simple alternative to a diary.”

And while not every question will be philosophical or overly deep, one reviewer shared, “some [questions] don’t lead to greater self-awareness or life-changing epiphanies, but I appreciated the variety, because I think I would have found it difficult to answer a deep or self-analytical question every single day. Besides, even some of the trivial questions helped me see how I’ve matured over the years.”

If you are looking for a quick yet thoughtful way to check-in with yourself daily, give Q&A a Day a shot this year.

Q&A a Day even makes journals specifically for teens, couples and more:

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