Tight on time? Don’t forget about Walmart’s free curbside pickup

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During the holiday season, each day seems to have a new activity or task to complete. There are never enough hours in the day to grocery shop, wrap gifts, and run extra errands — all while keeping your family running smoothly. The last few weeks of the year always seem to fly by!

If you relate to this struggle and wish you had more days in the week, we hear you. While we can’t change the calendar, we can remind you of Walmart’s free curbside pickup.

Walmart’s online pickup and delivery service is here to save you when you’re in a time-crunch. Thanks to the free curbside pickup option, you can avoid walking through a busy store or waiting in a long line to check out. You simply shop for what you need online (food ingredients, home essentials, the list goes on) and when you go to check out, pick a time slot that’s convenient for you to run by your local Walmart store to pick up your goods.

We love that this service is not only free, but it essentially gets us out of having to grocery shop! And if you use Yahoo Mail, you can even shop online at Walmart straight from your inbox. Just look for the blue Walmart banner and start filling your cart.

Make this season as stress-free as it can be and take advantage of Walmart’s free curbside pickup.

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