DAWANG is the brand that fuses traditional Chinese fabrics with western aesthetics

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Fusions can be hit or miss when it comes to food, but in fashion, it’s a vehicle for creativity. New York-based brand DAWANG is the clothing line that brings together westernized streetwear and modern Chinoiserie.

“I would say modern Chinoiserie is more of a lifestyle,” founder Daisy Wang tells In The Know. “It’s more about you wanting to accept the new trends and new styles, but at the same time wanting to maintain a little bit of a balance between traditional aesthetics.”

Growing up, Wang lived between school in the United States and her home in China. Ultimately, living between two vastly different countries helped to shape the concept that is DAWANG.

“In our generation, there’s a lot of international kids and a lot more immigrants from all different cultures,” Wang says. “So why can’t we have something that represents our subculture?”

Shop: DAWANG Wide-Leg Jumpsuit, $159

Credit: DAWANG
Credit: DAWANG

Each piece in the DAWANG line is individually eye-catching. Shoppers can find a wide-leg jumpsuit (shown above), a knot button-front top, an oversized logo sweatshirt dress and more. However, despite how high-end they look, Wang explains that the clothes are approachable for everyday wear.

“We want to give our consumers the freedom to break down the look, mix and match with your own style,” she says. “We created it for your own taste and aesthetics.”

DAWANG’s pieces are the perfect additions to your everyday wardrobe, so treat yourself to one of the brand’s staple pieces to up the ante on your next look.

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