Meet the brand making scrunchies more inclusive for textured hair types

“Spending Power” is a series where we discuss trendy products from the young and diverse women entrepreneurs behind some of our favorite small businesses.

Women with textured hair already go through enough to keep up appearances while in the workplace. Thankfully, there are brands like Hello Updo that offer stylish, practical solutions. Their game-changing hair accessories are just what thick-haired naturals need to keep coarse, curly tresses out of their face.

Scrunchies have officially made their return and are now a go-to accessory for Gen Z-ers. However, those with thick, naturally textured hair are often left unseen when it comes to these cool hair accessories. Hello Updo founder Magdaline Hurtado says she experienced hair ties constantly breaking when simply tossing her hair up in a bun or ponytail.

“My scrunchies and my hair ties kept snapping on me,” Hurtado tells In The Know. “I was like ‘Why is it that we don’t have products that accommodate textured hair?'”

Hurtado got to work and developed two silk scrunchie styles: the Biggish (10.5 inches) and the Smallish (6.5 inches). The silk helps prevent pulling and breakage on the hair. Also, even though the brand makes textured hair a priority, Hurtado specifically made two sizes because “scrunchies shouldn’t be one size fits all.”

Shop: Biggish, 10.5 inches, $39

Credit: Hello Updo
Credit: Hello Updo

Shop: Smallish Pack, 6.5 inches, $33

Credit: Hello Updo
Credit: Hello Updo

“So the Biggish is for my textured hair,” Hurtado says as she fluffs her thick curls in an updo. “A Smallish wouldn’t really fit, but I wanted to make sure because there are other curly-headed people who a Smallish would fit. They have thinner hair, yet they still have big curls so I wanted to make sure I was working across the board.”

Hurtado encourages Black and brown women to wear and love their textured hair. However, she also wants to provide inclusive products without hurting the planet. For this reason, the Hello Updo silk scrunchies come packaged in a cute branded glass jar with cardboard packaging.

“I wanted to make sure that Hello Updo is sustainable. We want to reduce human imprint,” Hurtado says. “So reuse or reduce, that’s what we’re here for.”

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