I tried 4C Only, the new Black-owned haircare brand that caters exclusively to 4C hair

That feeling of finally being seen and heard for the first time is unlike any other. Black-owned haircare brand 4C Only is promoting that very notion in its name and most definitely in its products.

4C Only is a new haircare brand by Black natural hair care veterans — and it’s a brand that’s long overdue. Oftentimes, hair care products for natural hair will cater to looser, curlier hair types. Some brands will even call out 4C hair as part of a range that it caters to. However, 4C Only makes it very clear that there is one (and only one) hair type that’s getting its attention.

“I know first-hand the troubles of trying to find the right product that will properly hydrate my 4C hair,” said Alicia Ferguson, 4C ONLY Chief Marketing Officer in a press release. “Products claim to work for all hair types, and the reality is that they really don’t.”

Hoping to bridge the gap for the kinkiest of textures, 4C Only carries a bundle exclusive to its website that makes wash day too easy.

Shop: Too Easy Collection, $79.99

Credit: 4C Only
Credit: 4C Only

The Too Easy Collection includes every product in the 4C Only line. It’s designed to offer maximum hydration to every coily strand. Formulated to keep the hair soft and moisturized, it helps 4C heads hold styles well beyond a day or two. My experience proved it.

A 4C Only Wash & Go After 4 Days

Credit: Ari Bines
Credit: Ari Bines

When I tried the Too Easy Collection, I legit only used the first three products to start and my hair was moisturized for the next four days, fam. Usually, my hair is in its freshest stage on day one, but the photo above is the fourth day after my wash and go (without wearing a bonnet). I started with the Too Clean Shampoo, the Too Thicke Deep Conditioner and the Too Soft Leave-in Conditioner.

The shampoo is one of those products where a little goes a long way. It features aloe vera leaf and argan oil to hydrate and it truly cleanses from root to tip. One important note: be careful when opening this gem (she’s juicy). 4C Only’s deep conditioner gives you the slip of your dreams. With organic grape seed oil and glycerin, it moisturizes every strand and makes your super hair soft.

Now, the leave-in conditioner is a game-changer. Not only did it give my hair definition without having to twist it, but it also acts as a heat protectant. This stuff let me be so lazy with my hair care routine. I didn’t wear a bonnet for three days and my hair was still soft and it was easy to pick my ‘fro.

4C Only Styling Cream

Credit: Ari Bines
Credit: Ari Bines

The last product in the regimen is the Too Slick styling cream. After the fourth day of my washing and go-ing, I did a twist out. The cream made my hair more defined. With natural oils embedded into the formula, the styling cream penetrates the hair shaft and strengthens each strand to help hold hairstyles longer.

I’m definitely someone who struggles to find products nourishing enough for my 4C ends. However, this is one brand that’s already getting a top spot on my bathroom shelf.

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