Cold weather is making my skin look dull. What skincare products should I be using?


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Hi, Group Chat,

I’ve noticed my skin changing with the cooler weather. I don’t wear a lot of makeup and it’s important to me to take care of my skin. It seems like I’m having a lot more dryness than usual, which is causing my skin to peel and look dull. It’s so upsetting. Do you have any skincare hero products you turn to when your skin is out of whack? Thanks!


Sad Skincare Girl

Dear Sad Skincare Girl,

Danelle Sandoval, who also doesn’t wear a lot of makeup but prioritizes her skincare routine, says… For the cooler seasons, I need a dependable moisturizer that isn’t too greasy or harsh on my sensitive, eczema-prone skin. Vanicream’s moisturizing cream checks all of those boxes for me — plus, it’s only $13! It’s gentle, fragrance-free and keeps in moisture throughout the day. Oh, and dermatologists even say that it’s the best moisturizer for winter.

Shop my pick: Vanicream Moisturizing Cream, $13.43 (Orig. $13.43) 

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

Ari Bines, who has a love for drugstore skincare, says… I have normal to dry skin on a regular day, so I feel you, sis. Abrupt changes in weather can affect your skin’s moisture barrier, but that doesn’t mean you need an expensive moisturizer. When I have extra-dry skin, I go to e.l.f. Yuuuuup! Ever since I used the brand’s Happy Hydration Cream, I’ve never looked back. It has hemp-derived cannabis sativa, hyaluronic acid and niacinamide. It’s a thick gel-cream texture that’s like a nourishing hug to your skin. However, it’s not so thick that you can’t add other products on top. Not to mention, it’s fragrance-free, so you can still use it if your skin is super sensitive, too.

Shop my pick: e.l.f. Cosmetics Happy Hydration Face Cream, $12

Credit: e.l.f. Cosmetics
Credit: e.l.f. Cosmetics

Madison Alcedo, who’s very loyal to her skincare products, says… Girl, I feel you! As soon as a cooler breeze hits, my skin is too dry, and I have to slather moisturizer on my face several times a day. I’m no skincare expert, but I once read that Drew Barrymore swears by Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. Of course, I haven’t used anything since.

I can literally douse my face in this every morning and night, and it keeps my face dewy all day without clogging my pores. When dropping temperatures cause dry patches on my skin, this cream helps decrease those dry areas. I think it’s because of its two main ingredients: olive-derived squalane and sea glacier-derived glycoprotein. And while I can’t speak for your skin type, if you have sensitive skin like me, this moisturizer has never caused me any irritation.

Shop my pick: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream, $32

Credit: Kiehl’s
Credit: Kiehl’s

Jeanine Edwards, who typically saves her coins for other things, says… Whenever my skin feels dry or looks kind of drab, I slather this Rituals night cream on my face before bed. It’s super rich, creamy and thick, and when I wake up, without fail, my skin looks and feels a million times better. It’s softer, brighter, and there’s no dryness at all. This night cream is $35, which is way more than I would ever typically spend on a beauty product, but I do it because this stuff is just so good. Plus, I don’t need to use it every night, so one jar lasts a pretty long time. On really cold days when the air is dry and it’s windy, I’ll also use this night cream before going outside. It keeps redness at bay and ensures my skin never flakes or peels.

Shop my pick: Rituals The Ritual Of Namaste Anti-Aging Night Cream, $35

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

Jamé Jackson, who personally would fight fall if it were a person, says… Dealing with the winter woes of skincare is really stressful — and I can completely agree that my skin also goes haywire during this time. That being said, I love incorporating natural ingredients in my skincare routine, like this aloe vera gel, which is a best seller on Amazon. I use this as a toner after washing my face or will even mix a bit of this with a moisturizer for an added boost of hydration. Aloe vera gel is also one of my go-to skincare secrets to help with redness and skin flare ups, which have especially become prevalent for me over the past few months because of face masks. There are so many uses for aloe vera, but I say one of the best things about it is its hydration and nourishing factor.

Shop my pick: Seven Minerals Organic Aloe Vera Gel, $19.95

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

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