Phone always dead? This Motorola phone holds its charge for a ridiculously long time

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When it comes to smartphones, this year was all about the release of the iPhone 12. But there’s another phone that you should keep on your radar if you want speed, great photos and an extremely long battery life. It’s the Motorola Edge+.

Now, this isn’t your Motorola Razr phone from 2004. The Edge+ launched in May 2020, and it’s a sleek and chic smartphone with 5G capabilities that makes its loading time incredibly fast. With 5G, you can download a two-hour movie in 3.6 seconds versus six minutes on a 4G.

Shop: Motorola Edge+, $999.99

Credit: Verizon Wireless
Credit: Verizon Wireless

Of course, it’s not the only 5G compatible phone on the market. But right now, Verizon Wireless will throw in 5G service when you get a Motorola Edge+. But if that’s not enough to get you excited, check out more of the phone’s notable features below and on the latest episode of “You Need This.”


This phone has 256 gigabytes of storage for playing games, using apps, taking photos or videos — and you can store years of memories on it.


The Edge+ has three lenses with a 180 megapixel camera that takes incredibly clear photos. For those glamour shots, the camera includes macro focus, which provides vivid detail on a close up objects and blurs the background. It also has infinite focus, which blurs the foreground while keeping the background in focus.

Battery Life

If you’re often that friend who always has a dead phone, listen up. The Motorola Edge+ can run for two days straight with heavy usage. If you don’t actively use it, it can run for 12 and half days before having to charge it again. It’s ridiculously awesome. Plus, even a few minutes of charge will give you hours of battery life.

Not only that, but this phone can also charge other devices, from your tablet to your smart watch to another friend’s phone.

TL;DR: You need to look into getting the Motorola Edge+ if you like taking photos, making TikToks, watching movies and can’t put your phone down long enough to charge it properly.

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