This indie beauty brand dropped colored liners that double as lash glue

As an avid beauty product user, I’m always on the hunt for new innovations — and the Lvndr Beautique Cloud Magic Adhesive Liners have my interest piqued.

Lvndr Beautique is the indie, Black and trans-owned beauty brand that made over $20,000 in its first week back in June. The brand’s founder Marley Hamilton began building the colorful Lvnder Beautique brand with 3D faux minx lashes and press-on nails. Now, after four months, the 28-year-old entrepreneur is delving into lash-liner adhesives.

Made for those who love color and lashes, the Lvndr Beautique Cloud Magic Adhesive Liners change the game in terms of how to apply eye makeup. Juicy and pigmented, the adhesive liners have a felt tip, which makes it easy to apply to your lash line. Plus, rather than apply lash glue separately, the Cloud Magic Adhesive Liners let you skip a step in your beauty routine with its adhesive complex.

Shop: Cloud Magic Adhesive Liners, $20

Credit: Lvndr Beautique
Credit: Lvndr Beautique

While there are already a bunch of other colored eyeliners on the market, few have adhesive capabilities. Offered in five colors, beauty lovers can swipe up any one of the vibrant shades. There’s Gagged (a black shade), Lvndr (a purple shade), #BG (a navy shade), Puss (a neon pink shade) and Crystal (clear). Each of the Cloud Magic Adhesive Liners retail for $20 and are available to shop exclusively at

Back in June, Hamilton told In The Know that she had dreams of working for only herself. And her work with Lvndr Beautique makes that a reality.

“I didn’t want to work for someone anymore because every time a job would find out I was trans, they would fire me without hesitation,” Hamilton told In The Know. “I never want to have to work for someone else again. That’s my goal.”

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