The Wrap Life makes the most beautiful hair wraps and headbands


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These hair wraps will certainly turn heads with their bold colors and patterns. Black-owned hair brand The Wrap Life makes the most beautiful hair wraps and headbands. The hair accessories add a gorgeous touch to any outfit, while also tying your hair back in a practical, functional way.

The Brooklyn-made head wraps and headbands are created from high-quality fabric, with both firm and stretchy options. With a variety of colors and patterns, there is a style for anyone who wants to tie back their hair in style.

The brand is proudly inspired by the West African expression of head dress, and models all of their products on beautiful Black women. But the brand wants to make hair wraps accessible to everyone.

“We’ve received many questions and comments about who is ‘allowed’ to wear head wraps,” the brand writes on its website. “As a Black-owned business that deliberately celebrates Black women through the images on our site, many people understandably assume that the products we make are primarily for Black women and no one else. We believe wearing head wraps is for everyone, because it has always been for everyone.”

The brand acknowledges that Turkish men, Sikh men and West African women all wear head wraps as part of their culture — and that’s only a part of the history of hair wraps. The brand adds, “We wear head wraps because they’re beautiful, fun and they allow colorful self-expression. We are inclusive and encourage all women and men to use and explore our products.”

Shop some of the brand’s most eye-catching selections below, and celebrate the beauty and history of hair wraps.

Shop: The Wrap Life Textured Citrine Bandie, $20

Shop: The Wrap Life Textured Shahira Bandie, $20

Shop: The Wrap Life Chartreuse Soft Knot Headband, $35

Shop: The Wrap Life Fawohodie Head Wrap, $52

Shop: The Wrap Life Rose Flow Head Wrap, $24

Shop: The Wrap Life Amna Head Wrap, $28

Shop: The Wrap Life Teshie Head Wrap, $25

Shop: The Wrap Life Sun Up Turbanette, $16