InnBeauty Project’s newest product is a fresh spin on the toothpaste pimple hack


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As weird as it sounds, toothpaste was once a well-known hack for clearing zits. Now, the InnBeauty Project Pimple Paste is bringing the old school hack back with more skin-friendly ingredients — and I gave it a shot.

Nowadays, I don’t get zits like I did as a teenager. However, the occasional blemish will show its evil head on my skin. Pimple Paste is a new addition to InnBeauty Project’s product line which helps target, combat and fade blemishes — plus, it’s alcohol-free. Many acne spot treatments I’ve used in the past include alcohol as one of the ingredients to help dry the zit from the inside out. However, those products unfortunately can (and have) significantly dried out my skin.

As opposed to toothpaste that has sulfates, which can be harsh on the skin, the InnBeauty Project Pimple Paste uses natural ingredients to fight even the most stubborn blemishes. With calming ingredients like willow bark, sulfur, tea tree oil, azelaic acid, clay, zinc, oregano and thyme actively working against zits, the targeted pimple can shrink and disappear in a matter of days. Not to mention, after you apply the blue-pasty product (as a nighttime routine because it is very visible), it dries down to a transfer-proof finish so you don’t ruin your sheets in your sleep.

And to answer your question, no, it doesn’t smell like toothpaste. But it does smell like menthol.

When applied to a large pimple (like the one I had), you can actually feel the paste tingle on the blemish while it’s working its magic. Once the paste dries down though, it’s not at all tight on the skin. You can roll around in your sleep and it’ll hardly budge. The before and after images on the brand’s Instagram page look convincing, but this is what my own zit looks like after using the InnBeauty Project Pimple Paste for two nights in a row.

My Skin After Using Pimple Paste For Two Nights

Credit: Ari Bines
Credit: Ari Bines

My pimple still hasn’t fully disappeared since I was using Pimple Paste on-and-off. Other blemishes where I used the product more consistently, though, have vanished for good. I would recommend that when you start using it to keep using it. Pimple Paste worked quickly to shrink down my zit by almost twice its size, but it does take a few days of wearing it to get rid of a blemish entirely.

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Credit: Credo Beauty
Credit: Credo Beauty

I’m not the only happy user of the new acne treatment. The product has 4.9 stars on the InnBeauty Project’s site, with countless glowing reviews.

One customer said that the product didn’t dry out their skin whereas other pimple products had.

“I am not disappointed at all by the product,” they wrote. “It doesn’t dry out your skin, it’s easily washable and you can feel the product cleaning out your blemish!”

Another shopper also said the product works slowly, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

“I don’t really mind the slower process because I really feel like it’s helping my acne,” they said. “I’ve tried a lot of different spot treatments, but this one is the best. Even though it took some time for it to actually work, it still gives me the results that I want in a spot treatment.”

While I don’t think this product will get rid of your zit entirely overnight, it will drastically shrink and fade them day-by-day. Slow and steady wins the race, after all.

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