Sewing will be one of the best indoor hobbies during chilly season

Sewing will be one of the best indoor hobbies during chilly season
Sewing will be one of the best indoor hobbies during chilly season

TL;DR: Sewing machines are on sale across the internet — save up to $100 at Walmart and Joann Fabric, plus sitewide discounts from Joann Fabric and Michaels.

Sewing machines were an unanticipated champion of the first lockdown — not just as a great boredom solution, but as part of the mass recruitment of mask makers in the sewing community.

And we don't think the sewing spike is going anywhere. Now that the first day of fall is nearly upon us (weather in many places is making that very clear), properly-distanced, warm-weather entertainment like kayaking or drinking wine in the park are quickly fading. Cathartic creative activities (like sewing) will be a must to mitigate our stress over yet another season stuck inside. Plus, people will always be on the hunt for new masks.

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Just in time, a few sewing machines are seeing price drops across the internet (and they're in stock, too): Shop models from Singer and Costway up to $100 off, plus sitewide coupons from Joann Fabric and Michaels that can score a discount on a non-sale model or some fabric for less.

Costway Free-Arm Sewing Machine $75.99 (save $74)

A perfect introductory machine for beginners (including kids), this compact sewing machine from Costway isn't nearly as intimidating as others on the market — and is as easy to use as it looks. Regular sewing, hemming, adding button holes, and more can be done with a quick spin of the dial, with all 12 stitches outlined right on the front of the machine.

Save $74 on the Costway Free-Arm Sewing Machine — $75.99See Details

Singer Heavy Duty Computerized Sewing Machine — $299.99 (save $100)

If thrift flips or Halloween costume making are your goal, you'll need a hardcore machine that can keep up. The metal frame and high-performance motor on Singer's heavy-duty sewing machine can tackle any denim or patterns that you throw at it, including 548 stitch applications, an automatic needle threader, and an adjustable needle for techniques like zipper insertion or topstitching. Everything is programmed via straightforward buttons and an LCD screen.

Save $100 on the Singer Heavy Duty Computerized Sewing Machine (HD6800) — $299.99See Details

Singer M2100 Sewing Machine plus free accessories — $139.99 (save $20)

Non-beginners but non-heavy duty seamsters might find a happy middle ground with the Singer M2100. Its selection of 63 stitch applications and clear-cut instructions make any new project approachable. The official savings of $20 is supplemented by *checks notes* $100 in included accessories like a pack of needles, bobbins, a seam ripper, and multiple different machine foots.

Save $20 on the Singer M2100 Sewing Machine — $139.99See Details

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