How to make DIY bookmarks for kids


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Organization is key — so is cleaning, storage, gardening and more. In this series, you’ll learn various tips and tricks to make gardening, grilling and even sewing easier. No matter the problem, there’s a Home Hack for that!

Just because you make something out of paper, it doesn’t mean it can’t be adorable and useful. This episode of Home Hacks teaches you how to make funky monster bookmarks with your family.

Be sure to watch the full video above for all the DIY tips and tricks. And we’ve also outlined the tutorial below.

Supplies you need:

How to fold the origami papers:

  1. First fold into a triangle.

  2. Fold bottom edges together to create a crease.

  3. Fold top corner to bottom crease.

  4. Fold bottom corners in.

  5. Unfold the corners.

  6. Fold bottom corners to top.

  7. Tuck flaps into pocket.

  8. Add eyes, teeth, horns and whatever else you’d like.

If you don’t feel like DIY-ing these crafts (or if you need something a little more heavy-duty), you can shop a complete DIY origami bookmark kit from Amazon below that includes all the supplies and instructions you’ll need.

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