I tried Bread Beauty Supply — the newest Black-owned haircare brand to hit Sephora

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When Bread Beauty Supply came on the scene, I was intrigued. The brand is positioned as “lazy haircare” for Black women with hair types 3A–4C. Could there really even be such a thing? Welp, I tried the new clean haircare brand at Sephora for myself. And it was a different experience than I’d previously had using other 4C-friendly hair care products.

Bread Beauty Supply isn’t like a lot of the other hair care brands targeted to textured hair typically seen in the beauty supply store, let alone at a beauty giant like Sephora. For starters, there are only three products. Yes, this is for Black women. Created by Australian Native Maeva Heim, a 4C curly girl herself, the full line is made to simplify hair care for Black women with textured hair types 3A–4C. Plus, none of the packaging comes in traditional plastic bottles, but in pouches and glass bottles.

The star products are the Hair Wash Gentle Milky Hair Cleanser, the Hair Mask Creamy Deep Conditioner and the Hair Oil Everyday Gloss. You can shop the entire Wash Day Essentials Kit, which comes with a white satin scrunchie, for $58. But every product individually is under $30.

Shop: Hair Wash Gentle Milky Hair Cleanser, $20

Credit: Sephora
Credit: Sephora

Having type 4 hair myself, I typically wash my hair every two weeks. However, it’s hawt outside, and I’d already mucked up some product build-up from using the Flawless by Gabrielle Union line.

Though the Bread Beauty Supply hair wash doesn’t lather like a traditional shampoo, it detangles like crazy. Not to mention, it smells just like Fruit Loops — which, I have to say, is intoxicating AF, but not overwhelming. I didn’t feel my hair was stripped of its natural moisture, plus there wasn’t a knotted mess (which is often the case for my hair). However, the hair wash got out all of the product that was previously in my hair with only one rinse out. The brand describes it as a shampoo-meets-co-wash, and I have to say that’s how I’d describe it, too.

Packed with argan oil, the wash helps to moisturize and soften. Meanwhile, aloe vera and lemon tea tree oil work as scalp soothing properties.

Shop: Hair Mask Creamy Deep Conditioner, $28

Credit: Sephora
Credit: Sephora

Now this deep conditioner is the meat and potatoes of the line (for me at least). For my kinky coils, this product transformed my texture right before my eyes.

Designed specifically for dehydrated curls, the deep conditioner features Australian Kakadu Plum, an Australian super-fruit with 50 times more vitamin C than an orange. Plus, its other star ingredient is starflower oil, which helps to strengthen the hair follicle so you face less breakage on wash day.

Immediately as I was applying it, I could feel practically every single strand of my hair and see the definition in my curls were super defined and nourished. Oh! The deep conditioner smells like a birthday cake, too. But besides smelling delicious, it gave my hair a super deep condition without having to use any heat. Though my hair is typically dry as the desert when I finish washing and conditioning, I had plenty of playtime with my hair that was still wet to section it and add the Hair Oil. For the best results, section and add water as you go with the conditioner to detangle your hair. With this deep product, finger detangling becomes a piece of cake.

Shop: Hair Oil Everyday Gloss, $24

Credit: Sephora
Credit: Sephora

As far as scents go, the hair oil may be one of my personal favorite smells in the Bread Beauty Supply line. Described as a ‘lip gloss for the hair,’ I treated it as such — by applying a lot. Because it’s not greasy, you can actually use it to not only shine the hair after using the conditioner, but you can even apply it as a prewash to your scalp.

After hours of my hair being dried in its natural state, I added a few spritzes of water and blew it out with my Con Air Silver Bird Hairdryer. And to be honest, I was pleasantly surprised I didn’t need a leave-in for the blow out to be painless.

I like the brand for its quickness, but I’ve personally fallen in love with the long journey and complicatedness of Black haircare. I want to search high and low for my ideal “hair cocktails.” However, not everyone is like me.

I can’t say all textured hair enthusiasts, especially types 4B and 4C, will jump for this lineup. The brand doesn’t (yet) provide all of the tools necessary for those with textured hair to “pass” in certain non-Black spaces. With Black women still facing hair discrimination, this brand is tossing that conscious fear into the wind entirely.

However, if Black women want to have that lazy wash day and are empowered to not adhere to society’s beauty standards of them, these three products do it for me. When I first started to transition from permed hair to my natural curls, the product options were overwhelming — and they still are. However, Bread Beauty Supply is something like a Glossier-esque haircare brand for Black women — a space we’re often left out of. The brand’s products work in favor of being simple, but effective. And in these quarantine times where looks are the least of my worries, I could use that right about now.

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