YouTuber Jackie Aina launched a self-care company, so just take all my money now


For a YouTuber, attaining a level of privacy and mystique probably is as hard as finding a needle in a haystack. After all, fans don’t just want the highly-curated, glossy and glam videos anymore. They want to know every move their favorite celeb makes. And, yes, YouTubers are celebrities.

Of course, that can make holding a secret, like a brand new product launch, a bit of a challenge. But Jackie Aina has proven where there’s a will, there’s a way.

Aina, a beauty content creator with over 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube alone and one of the first Black women to cross the million mark on the platform, just launched her own company. And it’s not beauty-related. Well, sort of.

Credit: Jackie Aina
Credit: Jackie Aina

Over the past few months, Aina had been sharing snippets to an Instagram account titled Forvr Mood, which is the name of her new company. Although none of us knew what the beauty mogul was up to, Forvr Mood had already amassed a waitlist of over 45,000 people and sold out of pre-sale inventory within minutes. FYI, nobody knew what the product lineup was before launch.

Talk about a forever mood.

So what is Forvr Mood? Launching online on Aug. 10, Forvr Mood is a four-piece collection of coconut wax candles that are sulfate and paraben-free. The initial product offering includes a silk pillowcase and matching headband, with prices ranging from $32 to $49.

“Black-woman owned, self-care brand for the regular-degular girl. Boujie, but make it approachable,” it says on the brand’s site.

Wow, I feel seen.

Made and poured in California, the candles will offer new scents on a quarterly basis.

“I love the fact that we decided not to immediately come out and say what we were launching,” Aina told WWD. “A lot of people guessed that we were going to launch candles, which tells me people know what to expect [and] what makes the most sense for me. Some people thought we were launching kombucha, some people thought it was a home decor line. Some people thought it was fashion, but most of the feedback was either wigs or candles.”

Aina’s been in this mood for a minute. In the works since 2018, the company’s launch is just a start — Aina plans to expand into categories such as fragrance and skincare in the future. Oh, and makeup at some point, too.

Pretty much, sis is coming for our coins and I plan to give her all of mine.

Check out the products over on and snag up your fave candles before they’re gone!

Shop: Cuffing Season, $35

Credit: Forvr Mood

Shop: Matcha Business, $35

Credit: Forvr Mood

Shop: Left on Read, $35

Credit: Forvr Mood

Shop: Caked Up, $35

Credit: Forevr Mood

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