This best-selling tea tree oil body wash is only $12 and has over 5,500 five-star reviews on Amazon


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Tea tree oil is used to treat a multitude of skin and health issues, and that’s probably why the Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash by Purely Health on Amazon has over 5,500 five-star reviews. Customers have applauded the wash for helping with body odor, nail fungus, cystic acne, tinea versicolor, acne and more. There are a lot of reasons to give it a try, and for only $11.99, it’s totally worth it.

Shop: Purely Health Antifungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash, $11.99 (Orig. $15.10)

Tea tree oil is an essential oil and natural antibacterial that is toted for helping a wide range of skin issues. Research has shown that it can be used externally to treat things like acne, athlete's foot, eczema, lice and body odor.

Although natural, tea tree oil should not be consumed orally and many people are susceptible to allergic reactions. For best results, it should be diluted with a carrier oil, lotion or another product — like body wash — before using topically.

Purely Health’s body wash mixes tea tree oil with rosemary, oregano, peppermint, camphor, cajeput and eucalyptus essential oils for one refreshing wash.

“I got this product for a second time because I am in love with the scent! It is so refreshing and wakes me up. It also feels good as a body wash and when I scrub my feet in the shower from all the essential oil power of tea tree,” wrote one happy Amazon reviewer.

According to the product description, the wash is “strong enough to combat the worst of body odor: arm pits, feet and groin odor.” It’s also “excellent for fungal skin infections, yet gentle enough for those who have Psoriasis and Eczema.”

Customers on Amazon are pretty enthusiastic about their results, too.

“This body wash works so fast that it’s almost scary… Literally after using it for the very first time, the itchy dry and rough spots on my skin started to fade away and feel softer. By the second time I used this body wash, the spots were almost completely gone,” wrote one reviewer.

“Works on Cystic Acne — makes it DISAPPEAR! I apply this with a Q-tip directly onto my acne (morning under my makeup and at night before bed), and my acne literally goes away overnight! I have been searching for over a year for a way to make my hormonal cystic acne go away and this is it!” another reviewer said.

“Okay – my feet always smelled even after a thorough wash and soak. My armpits always smelled funky especially on muggy hot days. I live in the desert and am constantly sweating. After purchasing this product, I swear, within a couple of days I was no longer embarrassed to lift my sweaty arms up because I didn’t have to worry about any funky odors. My feet, oh man, I can wear sandals and flip flops without wondering if anyone can smell foot odor because I know it definitely is not my feet anymore!” another Amazon reviewer shared.

There are thousands of reviews confirming these results and more sharing the positive effect the body wash had on their tinea versicolor, chronic athlete’s foot, skin issues from diabetes, psoriasis, eczema, heat rash and even hair loss.

While a body wash probably won’t be the cure-all to every one of your issues, Purely Health’s Anti-Fungal Tea Tree Oil Body Wash seems like it could help with a lot.

Note: For nail specific issues, the company also sells a foot and nail kit with the body wash, a foot soak and a nail blend essential oil for $24.95 (Orig. $29.95) on Amazon.

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