Prince William reveals the 1 gift that Kate Middleton will ‘never let me forget’


Prince William once bought Kate Middleton a pair of binoculars and “it didn’t go well,” the royal admitted in a new interview.

The Duke of Cambridge surprised the Duchess of Cambridge with the field glasses during the early days of their relationship, the second in line to the British throne revealed in the latest episode of former England soccer star Peter Crouch’s podcast released Wednesday.

But Kate, who William began dating at St. Andrews University in 2003, was apparently bemused. “I wrapped them. They were really nice,” said William. “I was trying to convince myself about it. I was like, ‘but these are really amazing, look how far you can see!’”

“She was looking at me going, ‘They’re binoculars, like, what’s going on?’” William continued. “It didn’t go well. Honestly, I have no idea why I bought her a pair of binoculars.”

William recorded the interview for “That Peter Crouch Podcast” at Kensington Palace shortly before the coronavirus pandemic forced the United Kingdom into lockdown in March.

Elsewhere in the chat, William explained why he supports English soccer team Aston Villa and revealed he saw no problem with Prince George one day potentially signing for the club.

Check out the full podcast here.

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