Four edge control gels I absolutely swear by to lay baby hairs


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If you’ve ever slicked down your baby hairs, only to then go outside in the humidity and all the hard work you put in falls by the wayside, you are not alone.

Now, my baby hairs (edges) whatever you want to call them, have a mind of their own. Like it or not, I have had to learn how to tame my edges, mostly by finding products that offer a stronghold as well as nourishing ingredients.

Finding the best edge control is a lot like dating — it requires a lot of first dates, a few hiccups along the way and the inevitable realization that sometimes things won’t be perfect but you can definitely work with it.

Finding a product that will lay my edges down without potentially drying them out is a constant battle, mostly because a lot of products have alcohol in its formulation.

Especially being a woman with locs, it’s important to me to find products that aren’t going to get trapped in my hair and leave product residue. It’s a never-ending battle, but I’m always up for the challenge. Oh, and I love to dance but trust me, there is nothing worse then wet, gooey gel running down your face in the middle of a heat-infused twerk. Graphic? Very, but also very valid.

Although I’m not one to get my baby hairs “on fleek,” I have found a few edge control gels that help give me that smooth, polished look. Check out some of my favorite products below and why I love them.

Shop: Moco de Gorila Estilo Punk Extreme Hold Gel (Pack of 2), $9.40

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

If you need to pull in the troops for your baby hairs, this is the edge control for you. With a name like “gorilla snot gel,” this gel, however, is not for the faint at heart: The gel is extremely gooey and requires someone with a lot of patience and a pretty strong hand. This product can get messy, but I swear by it.

Shop: Eco Styler Professional Styling Gel, $2.98

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

If you want to talk about an OG product, the ECO Styler is probably the first introduction to hair gels many of us remember. This styling gel has a pretty stronghold to tame frizz as well as moisturize your hair and scalp.

Shop: Got2b Ultra Glued Invincible Styling Hair Gel, $4.47

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

I am willing to bet that 99 percent of hair slayers — especially those who are trying to ensure that their wigs are glued down — know about this product. The hold is immaculate without being cakey or leaving a gross film. 10/10, love this product.

Shop: Murray’s Edge Wax Extreme Hold, $5.97

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

Maybe it’s because I grew up seeing this in my dad’s cupboard, but I have a lot of love for this edge wax. It’s made of 100 percent Australian beeswax (so I would avoid if you’re allergic) but it’s not gooey or thick like some of the other gels on this list. I personally like using this over another gel, but definitely recommend being light-handed with this.

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