These temperature-controlled socks have amazing health benefits: 'Still comfortable 15 hours later'


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Socks have easily become one of the staples in our “stay at home” daily wardrobe. With more people confined to smaller spaces, the blood circulation in their feet might possibly be reduced.

An easily applied and cost-effective remedy for poor circulation is to swap your standard gym socks for compression socks, which experts say are worth the investment.

So, let’s keep it real: When we think of compression socks, one of the first images that come to mind is our grandparents. This initial reaction is fully justified, but the benefits that these products provide aren’t exclusive to those with blood circulation problems, those with foot pain or the elderly.

According to a doctor-reviewed article on WebMD, compression socks boast a laundry list of benefits that apply to several age groups. The site’s explainer outlined that these simple articles of clothing “can keep your legs from getting tired and achy” and can “even stop you from feeling light-headed or dizzy when you stand up.”

Experts at Sugar Free Sox and The Abbotsford News have also outlined that compression socks are particularly recommended for those who sit all day while they work.

The Abbotsford’s report explained that the calf muscles are often referred to as “the second heart,” and stressed that this is even more of a reason to monitor and take care of them.

“The calf acts as a steady pump during movement and pressurizes veins in the lower leg, allowing blood to flow back to your heart,” the report reads. “If you sit at a desk all day, these muscles are doing very little and can cause blood to pool in the lower legs.”

Sugar Free Sox echoed this sentiment, adding, "Anyone with an occupation that requires sitting at a desk for multiple hours a day can fight the negative effects of prolonged sitting by wearing compression socks." The report also pointed out that, in addition to getting up and walking around your space every half hour, you could also use compression socks to "help relieve some of the swelling and aches in your lower body."

Credit: Comrad Socks

With these benefits in mind, the masterminds at Comrad have designed an extensive line of socks that are both aesthetically pleasing and provide enough compression for all-day energy, support and comfort.

The brand has been given the stamp of approval from supermodel Karlie Kloss, who has also invested in the company. The “Project Runway” host told Us magazine that she wears these socks while boarding long flights “to help with overall circulation.”

Some of the socks listed in the celebrity-loved brand’s merino wool collection particularly boast special technology that keeps your feet temperature-regulated at all times. What this means is the socks get warm when it’s cold and are cool in hotter conditions. The temperature-regulating feature is achieved through the design’s high warmth-to-weight ratio and the natural loft that traps heat. This also allows for your feet and shoes to stay dry throughout any condition.

Shop: Comrad Merino Wool Compression Socks (Colorblock), $38

Credit: Comrad Socks

More benefits include the ability to prevent odor, energize legs and feet and reduce swelling and fatigue, according to the product’s description.

Shoppers have explained that these socks are “not too thick,” so they can be worn in comfort without weighing down your feet. Another one of the brand’s customer-favorite options is its knee-high compression socks that are described as the “ultimate comfort.”

With reviewers’ ages ranging from 25 to 65 and older, this 4.9-star average rated product is a best-seller across the board, with 97 percent of reviewers confidently saying they would recommend it to their friends.

One five-star reviewer who listed his age range as “25 to 34” shared that these socks help him “feel less tired” at the end of his work shift.

Another reviewer within the same age range pointed out, however, that while the socks are “awesome” and are particularly helpful for those who travel, stand for long periods of time or are even pregnant, they should never be tumble dried.

“Really bummed as I’d only worn them a handful of times before I shrunk them up, but other than that — great buy,” she wrote.

One shopper particularly pointed out that, while other compression sock brands tend to inflict pain on the feet after longtime wear, these remain comfortable after hours of wear time.

"When I have worn compression socks made for runners they have become unbearable after 12 hours," the shopper explained. "The Comrad’s came through like champs. Put them on at 2 am before heading to the airport and they were still comfortable 15 hours later. Got home and ordered 4 more pairs and have a pair on right now."

Shop: Comrad Knee-High Compression Socks (Colorblock), $29

Credit: Comrad Socks

Check out more of Comrad’s highest-rated compression sock options below:

Shop: Comrad Merino Wool Compression Socks (Stripes), $38

Credit: Comrad Socks

Shop: Combrad Knee-High Compression Socks (Ombre), $29

Credit: Comrad Socks

If these socks aren't your jam aesthetically or are a bit too pricey for your liking, we've listed a few more options that are top-sellers across other retailers like Kohl's and Nordstrom.

Shop: Crucial Compression Socks for Men & Women, $9.95

Credit: Amazon

Shop: Nüfabrx Doctor Feel Good Black Compression Socks, $35.41

Credit: Amazon

Shop: Dr. Motion 1/2-Cushion Compression Knee-High Socks, $10

Credit: Kohl’s

Shop: Compression Trouser Socks, $15

Credit: Nordstrom

Shop: SB Sox Compression Socks for Men & Women, $7.95 - $12.95

Credit: Amazon

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