6 shopping editors share the deodorants they actually love

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Bye bye, buyer’s remorse. In The Essentials Edit, In The Know’s editors and creators share the favorite basic items they can’t live without. From treasured white tees to favorite face moisturizers, these are the tried-and-true products our editors love — and the items you need to know.

With the summer sun starting to beat down, many people are on the hunt for a top deodorant to save their pits. With so many options available — and the recent push for non-aluminum varieties — testing deodorants to find what works can be costly and time-consuming.

Deodorants are highly personal buys, and the best deodorants address your body’s needs and your preferences. The perfect deodorant comes in your favorite scent — or no scent at all. It also protects against odor, mitigates sweat and outlasts even the most intense summer day.

To help you narrow down your search, In The Know’s shopping editors have tried and tested countless deodorants and discovered our choice buys. These editor recommended deodorants are some of the best on the market, catering to a wide variety of needs and personal preferences.

From top-trusted brands like Dove and Mitchum to lesser-known natural brands, these are the deodorants that impressed us — and our underarms.

Shop: Kiehl’s Superbly Efficient Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant, $22

Credit: Kiehl’s
Credit: Kiehl’s

“I had tried basically every deodorant from the drugstore, and was pretty fed up with how poorly they all performed. Additionally, I was pretty tired of having to choose fantastical scents like “phoenix” when I really just wanted an unscented deodorant. This Kiehl’s one brought some much needed sophistication to my underarms, and I’m a big fan.” — Alan Lewin, Video Producer

Shop: Meow Meow Tweet Baking Soda-Free Grapefruit Deodorant Cream, $14

Credit: Meow Meow Tweet
Credit: Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet’s deodorant cream is one of the only natural deodorants that has ever truly worked for me. I used to sweat a lot under my arms as a teen, but after making the switch to natural deodorant — specifically this deodorant cream — it has improved immensely. The grapefruit scent is subtle but lovely, and the baking soda-free formulation is ideal for sensitive skin. The brand even has a deodorant primer that helps with the process of switching from aluminum to non-aluminum deodorant, which is pretty legit. I also love that the product comes packaged in an eco-friendly way and that Meow Meow Tweet as a brand has ethics I can feel proud supporting. But seriously, this product is everything and more.” — Katie Dupere, Commerce Editor

“I am a huge advocate of clean skincare and beauty. That being said, if you buy anything that is all-natural and clean, it should be deodorant. I have tested a bunch of all-natural deodorants, and many of them totally didn’t work for me or have given me a rash. A deodorant that I love, though the application is kind of messy, is Meow Meow Tweet’s Grapefruit Deodorant Cream. I swear it works and you’ll smell great all day.” — Nikki Kessler, Video Producer

Shop: Mitchum Advanced Anti-Perspirant and Deodorant, $5.47

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

“This is really gross to say, but I sweat profusely. Although I love the summertime, the one thing I loathe with every fiber of my being is getting on hot MTA trains and soaking my clothes before I even get into the office. I can’t help it. I’ve always been a sweaty girl. Years ago, my dad introduced me to men’s Mitchum deodorants, and I haven’t turned back. First of all, I love the musky smell of the gel deodorant, which is a great contrast to the cute florals and soft scents brands inject into most women-marketed deodorants. Secondly, the staying power is phenomenal. I can almost guarantee that once I put my deodorant on in the a.m., I am safe for the rest of the day. My only tip would be to let yourself dry down before throwing on your tops or cute dresses to avoid deodorant marks.” — Jamé Jackson, Senior Beauty Writer

Shop: Dove Aluminum Free 2-Pack Deodorant in Cucumber & Green Tea, $12.99

Credit: Walgreens
Credit: Walgreens

“I’ve been wearing Dove’s cucumber deodorant for over a decade and when the brand recently launched its zero-percent aluminum collection, I instantly made the switch. Swapping out your daily deodorant to an aluminum-free option is the healthiest way to go. After doing some research, I learned that ‘The major difference between deodorant without aluminum and deodorant with aluminum is that the former blocks odor whereas the latter blocks sweat. Sweat is our healthy way of cooling down the body, and sweat from our underarms is activated by the nervous system through the apocrine glands. Not only is this deodorant totally gentle and moisturizing, but the smell is so soothing. It keeps me feeling fresh all day. Plus, you can find it at nearly every local drugstore.” — Laura Galvan, Commerce Editor

Shop: Arm & Hammer Essentials Natural Deodorant, $8.88

Credit: Amazon
Credit: Amazon

“My ride-or-die deodorant is Arm & Hammer Essentials. It’s the only non-aluminum deodorant I’ve ever used that can withstand a hard workout. I also really enjoy Kosas’s new deodorant, which has AHA in it to prevent ingrown hairs. I use that one at night since I’m not ready to fully test it during the day since we’re in the middle of summer.” — Jess Butler, Associate Manager of Audience Management

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