Former Miss Colombia shares video of herself dancing after leg amputation

Daniella Álvarez is up and dancing again just weeks after part of her lower left leg was amputated.

The former Miss Colombia, 32, shared a video of herself dipping and twirling with her brother, Ricki, to Elvis Crespo's "Besos de Coral."

"Putting swing to life with my favorite partner @rickialvarezv," she wrote in the caption, originally in Spanish. "No matter the difficulties! We must be resilient in life!!"

Álvarez was crowned Miss Colombia in 2011 and also competed in the 2012 Miss Universe pageant.

She lost the lower half of her left leg unexpectedly following multiple surgeries in the last two months.

Álvarez explained in an Instagram video that she had to have what she thought would be a simple operation to remove a small mass (the size of a coin) from her abdomen. However, doctors discovered the mass was affecting her heart and she had to have multiple surgeries, including grafts. Eventually, Álvarez decided with her doctors to amputate the lower half of her left leg to avoid any further complications.

She says she hopes to get a prosthesis and to dance champeta and bachata, run, ride her bike, swim and do everything else she enjoyed before her surgeries.

The model has been posting updates about her recovery on Instagram, and she shared a series of photos of herself in the hospital surrounded by loved ones.

"I love my body the same as before. I'm happy to be in this world to tackle all of the challenges that will come in my new life," she wrote in the caption, translated from Spanish. "I know that with God's help everything is possible. 'Feet, why do I need them when I have wings to fly.' Let's keep moving forward!!"

She also shared an uplifting message from the hospital on June 25.

"I will never settle until the good is better and the best is excellent," she wrote on Instagram. "Twelve days ago, I underwent surgery for the last time and until today I have not stopped dedicating myself to overcoming my obstacles ... Here I go, full of strength and dreams."