Aldi is selling a coconut wine that tastes exactly like a tropical vacation

The bottle is $8, but the beach you'll be imagining is totally free!

It seems like every time I turn around, Aldi has something amazing for us to try. They’ve already released a plethora of summer-approved beverages that we just can’t get enough of. The watermelon wine and pineapple mimosa are only part of their all-star line-up, and we honestly couldn’t be happier.

Well, get ready to round out your tropical trifecta of fruity flavors. Aldi is now selling this coconut wine!

How Is It Possible to Make Coconut Wine?

This Petit Coconut Wine Specialty has a 13.9% ABV. It’s a wine at heart, but blended with a few different components, like rich coconut flavor and cream. Um, sign me up, please!

Instagram user @aldi.mademedoit gave us a glimpse of the tempting beverage:

If something has coconut in it, I will buy it. That includes shampoo, hand soap, candy bars, candles, perfume, ice cream, coffee and everything else coconutty at Aldi. I love Aldi’s watermelon wine, but I know their coconut wine will be my go-to summer drink.

What Drinks Can You Make with Coconut Wine?

If you’re not sold on the creamy coconut contents, blend it in a pina colada or do a boozy take on a pineapple coconut smoothie. The flavors lend themselves to being blended with other flavors and ingredients, so get crafty and try something adventurous this summer.

How Long Will It Be at Aldi?

First, this 750 mL bottle is only $8! It’s unknown how long the coconut wine will be available, so make your summer perfect starting right now! Per the Aldi website, this product isn’t available in every Aldi, so look around your local store next time you’re there. If you can manage to snag a bottle, you definitely should.