5,000 people asked for these plastic-free dishwasher pods, and they’re here

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When it comes to finding sustainable cleaning products to use around your home, the options are limited. Blueland is the eco-friendly household cleaning supplies company looking to completely revamp your mindset when it comes to cleaning essentials.

All Blueland products are made with planet-friendly packaging, and the formulas start out as cleaning tablets made of natural ingredients. Essentially, all you have to do is add water to the tablet, and you have a zero-waste cleaning product in a bottle you can use again and again.

Credit: Blueland
Credit: Blueland

As part of the brand’s latest launch in June 2020, you can now shop two new innovative forms of dish soap. After hearing from 5,000 customers (via Instagram, customer service experiences and emails) who wanted a more sustainable dish soap product, the brand created the two new products.

Blueland is now selling a dish soap in a powder format made for hand-washing dishes and plastic-free dishwasher tablets.

The main thing that differentiates Blueland’s new dishwasher tablets from the ones you’d see at your local grocery store is that these are not individually wrapped in plastic film or PVA, which makes them the only “naked” dishwasher tablets on the market.

Shop: Dishwasher Starter Set, $18

Credit: Blueland
Credit: Blueland

Without the use of PVA, which is often used in fertilizers and pesticides, these tablets ensure that no microplastics are entering the waterways with each cycle. Simply drop the tablet in place of your traditional dishwasher pods, and your dishes will be clean without sending plastic down your drain.

As for the new powder dish soap, the formula does not contain dyes, petroleum-based ingredients, fragrances, triclosan or phosphates, and it’s 100 percent biodegradable and non-toxic. To use, simply add the powder to water to create a soap for hand-washing dishes.

Shop: Dish Soap Starter Set, $20

Credit: Blueland
Credit: Blueland

Co-founded by Sarah Paiji Yoo, the company got a jumpstart after appearing on a season 11 episode of “Shark Tank,” where the brand landed a deal with Shark Kevin O’Leary. Even Kim Kardashian was intrigued by the brand after the episode aired! Since then, Blueland’s The Clean Essentials kit has garnered more than 4,000 positive reviews, and the brand is continually adding new products to its lineup.

Plus, if you’re the type who loves convenient monthly subscriptions versus multiple trips to the store for essentials, Blueland is now offering a subscription service for its dish soap. Refill subscriptions for The Dish Duo, which includes powder soap and dishwasher tablet, are available for $22 per month — a 10 percent discount from purchasing refills individually.

Shop: The Dish Duo, $34

Credit: Blueland
Credit: Blueland

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