This Ouija board story will give you chills: 'I still have no explanation'


For fans of all things paranormal, the Ouija board is the ultimate activity. The spooky-spirited game (pun intended) aims to connect mortals with the spirit world via a board of letters and numbers, which is used with planchette that ghosts from beyond the grave can supposedly control.

Though not everyone believes in the magic of the Ouija board, those who have been brave and bold enough to give it a go have had some pretty unexplainably spooky experiences with it.

‘I still have no explanation’

Recently, Reddit user Lopsided-Koala shared their strange and “positive” Ouija board experience to the r/Paranormal subreddit.

Lopsided-Koala’s Ouija board experience happened in the late ’80s, when they were in college.

One day when they were messing around with a Ouija board, Lopsided-Koala decided to ask the spirit world if their grandmother was alive.

“My father was raised by an aunt; never really knew his mother, and didn’t have any idea who his father was,” they explained.

Well, according to the Ouija board, Lopsided-Koala’s grandma was alive. It even revealed that she lived in Lopsided-Koala’s home state and hometown. When Lopsided-Koala’s asked what street their grandma lived on, the board spelled that out. (In the post, Lopsided-Koala simply refers to it as “Washington Street.”)

After they received all this information from the Ouija board, Lopsided-Koala naturally looked up whether there was a Washington Street in their hometown. (There was, but “grandma didn’t live there.”)

However, a few years later, Lopsided-Koala’s dad found his mom.

“She lived in my home state, in the town of Washington,” Lopsided-Koala explained. “It wasn’t the street name, it was the town name. How messed up is that? More than thirty years later, I still have no explanation.”

‘This is great’

Though many people were supportive in the comments, they also warned about the dangers of messing with a Ouija board.

“That is great, to hear something positive from ouija board. I won’t touch one since something infested my house and made our lives hell,” one person said.

“Wow… very nice story, especially a positive one from a ouija board,” another surprised person added. “Kudos.”

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