Trump campaign’s plea for video messages to celebrate president’s birthday backfires

Trump campaign’s plea for video messages to celebrate president’s birthday backfires

Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign put out a call on Twitter Thursday for people to film and send in videos wishing the president a happy 74th birthday on June 14.

“We want to make this year President Trump’s BEST BIRTHDAY EVER,” read the page on Trump’s campaign website where the clips could be uploaded. The campaign promised to show Trump “the first 500 responses TONIGHT.”

The post, below, prompted a wave of angry responses.

Actor Rob Delaney hit back with a video of himself telling Trump, who he described as a “stupid bigot,” that he should resign.

“It’s going to be really miserable for you until November,” said Delaney, calling out Trump’s fumbled handling of the coronavirus pandemic and his violent rhetoric towards anti-racism protesters following the death of George Floyd.

Delaney also revealed why he hates Vice President Mike Pence and the president’s daughter and adviser, Ivanka Trump, more than he hates Trump himself.

“Because you’re just f*cking garbage, but they’re like, ‘yay garbage,’” he explained. “Anyway, more and more people are growing to hate you every day, which is just fantastic, so you should fucking quit,” Delaney concluded.

Check out the video here:

Actor Michael Ian Black, meanwhile, wished Trump what he hoped would be his “final birthday in the White House” with a message on YouTube.

“You’re probably too busy to celebrate,” he said. “You’ve got television to work, tweets to write, protesters to gas, intelligence reports to ignore, pandemic responses to fuck up.”

Check out that video here:

Some Twitter users responded to the campaign’s call on Twitter with mocking gifs and videos:

Others lamented sharing a birthday with the president and predicted that the campaign’s request would backfire: