Model Halima Aden develops line of masks for hijab-wearers

Halima Aden is releasing a new, inclusive line of face masks that are available for purchase and donated to frontline health care workers.

The model and UNICEF ambassador partnered with Anywear to create a range of matching hijab and turban sets, which will allow medical workers of all faiths to safely and comfortably wear masks.

"As someone who worked at the St. Cloud, Minnesota hospital cleaning patient rooms, even seven months into my modeling career, finding a way to help frontline workers was important to me," said Aden in a statement to TODAY Style.

Aden said she was eager to jump on board with Anywear, an AI tech company working with Allure magazine on the "Banding Together" collection to provide relief to frontline workers who are dealing with skin irritation and other side effects from wearing masks for extended periods of time. It was Aden's idea to include women who wear hijabs and turbans as well.

"There are so many women who wear the hijab working in hospitals, and it's imperative that they are able to have some kind of comfort and relief as they work countless hours," Aden said. "These women no longer need to go to the bathroom to privately readjust their scarf and remove the face covering from under their scarf and behind their ears. Every minute counts right now in our hospitals and this not only adds a layer of comfort, but also saves time for hijab-wearing women.

Made of organic, breathable fabric, the coverings each come with a built-in extender that allows masks to clasp behind the head instead of being looped around the ears.

The sets cost between $45 and $52 each and come in a wide range of colors. And for every set purchased another set will be donated to a hospital.

"I am so grateful that the heroes in those roles can benefit from the gift of a hijab and face-covering set," Aden said.

A range of other celebrities in the beauty and fashion industries have contributed to the initiative. Hairstylist Chris McMillan, whose clients include Jennifer Aniston and Renée Zellweger, developed a colorful, vibrant set with matching headbands and makeup artist Daniel Martin, who works with stars like Jessica Alba, Elisabeth Moss and Meghan Markle, also made a set of masks, calling it his "Project Runway challenge."