TikTok user films self-driving robot dropping off her order

TikToker Kim Johnson had received a door flyer advertising a robot delivery service when she decided to try it out by ordering some boba.

Johnson posted on TikTok that a robot from Starship Delivery pulled up to her home 40 minutes after she ordered with her drink. Johnson used the Starship Delivery app to unlock the robot to receive her order.

The little guy looks a bit like a white cooler on wheels, rather than anything remotely sentient.

The TikTok clip received 1.9 million views. Many users joked that they were concerned about the well-being of the robot.

“Is anyone else concerned about it crossing the street alone?” one person commented.

“Why am I getting emotional seeing it driving back alone?” another added.

“Why do I feel… protective? Like, nobody better hurt this thing,” a user wrote.

Starship robots are advanced self-driving vehicles that carry items within a 4-mile radius. Like most delivery app services, packages and food are deployed inside the robots when a user places an order. GPS technology allows the robots to be tracked at all times, while its security system means only customers can unlock its container. Moreover, Starship’s robots are electrically powered making them a cleaner alternative to car delivery services.

Who knows, maybe Johnson’s boba experiment is a glimpse at the future of delivery.

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