Chinese firefighters rescue man who climbed a 229-foot cliff for fun

Firefighters in northern China were called to rescue a 20-year-old man trapped in a 229-foot cave. The local resident of Shanqui decided to climb the vertical cliff for fun, but things didn’t quite work out.

Firefighters descended down the mountain, which is 328 feet high, on a rope ladder to reach him. The man was nestled in a small cavity on the side of the cliff. Rescuers provided him with safety equipment and he was able to climb up the rope ladder to the rest of the rescue team.

It appears Chinese firefighters have been busy rescuing stuck adventurers for some months now. On May 15, rescuers saved a tourist trapped on a zip line while suspended 410 feet in the air in the city of Xingtai in Hebei Province. Apparently, there was some equipment failure that led to the incident. The firemen used safety ropes to pull the man back after he had been waiting for 30 minutes.

Last October, the firefighters rescued a 4-year-old boy who was dangling outside his fourth-floor window. The emergency responders received a phone call from the child’s grandfather. The man was taking a nap when it happened and woke up to the boy’s cries. Rescuers secured a rope around the boy’s chest before using a hydraulic machine to bend the metal window bars. Once there was enough space, they were able to lift the boy to safety.

So let’s give it up to these local heroes, because they sure have been busy!

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