Customer at car dealership slammed for ‘shameful’ behavior toward employee: ‘You need a shrink’


A customer at a car dealership is facing backlash online after sharing his disagreement with a female employee.

The customer, writing under the username Away-Republic, shared his experience in Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A*****) forum. In his post, the man explained how his attempt to purchase a new car led to a saleswoman — and several online commenters — accusing him of sexism.

“I was looking to buy a car from a dealership and the salesperson that happened to see me first was a very attractive woman that also happened to dress a bit provocatively,” the Redditor wrote. “Not unprofessionally, but I personally considered it too much.”

The user went on to explain that extremely attractive people usually make him “uncomfortable,” a feeling that, in this case, led to a confrontation with the female employee.

‘I didn’t really want to tell her’

Away-Republic wrote that he spent around 20 minutes looking at models with the employee before ultimately telling her, without explanation, that he wanted to speak with a different salesperson. The employee accepted his request but then asked him what specifically she did wrong.

“I didn’t really want to tell her the real reason why I was asking for the change, so I chose not to answer her question,” the Redditor wrote.

However, the saleswoman pushed for an answer, noting that she was working on commission and wanted to know how she could improve as a professional. That led the man to admit why he didn’t want to work with her.

“I told her as politely as I could: she was too attractive, dressed too revealingly and that made me uncomfortable with her,” he wrote.

Ultimately, the saleswoman accepted the request with a “hardened” face, leaving the man with one final thought.

“Before she left, she looked at me aggressively and told me that I don’t have to apologize, cause this isn’t the first and won’t be the last time she’s losing a commission due to sexism,” the man wrote.

‘You probably need a shrink’

Reddit users seemed to overwhelmingly support the female employee, calling the man’s behavior “shameful” and saying that he “wasted” the saleswoman’s time.

“Yes, that’s sexism. You are uncomfortable with her because she is a woman and now she loses out at her job. Learn to control yourself,” one user wrote.

“If you can’t handle being around a pretty woman you probably need a shrink,” another added.

Others questioned the man’s justification, asking how “provocative” the employee’s outfit really could have been

“There’s no way what she was wearing could be that revealing or her boss would never let her out onto the floor,” one commenter wrote.

Although the commenters came to a consensus that Away-Republic was the “a******” in this situation, some were much more supportive of his perspective.

“He isn’t obligated to buy a car from her,” one user wrote. “If he felt he couldn’t negotiate with her to the best of his abilities he is well within his right to negotiate with someone else he feels less intimidated by.”

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