YouTuber vacuums various foods to create ASMR sounds

ASMR or autonomous sensory meridian response is a thriving internet trend. Seemingly random sounds are able to provide people with a relaxing sensation and comforting body tingle.

Vacuums are known for eliciting the phenomenon in babies and one YouTuber wanted to experiment with whether vacuuming various types of foods could be an ASMR experience for adults too.

In the video, the vacuum cleaner sucks up a plethora of different foods like Jell-O, spaghetti, cereal, Coca-Cola, broken eggs and uncooked rice. Each material makes a different oddly soothing sound. The Jell-O makes a harsh, slurping noise while the spaghetti’s slurp is a little softer. You can hear the coke fizz and the rice sounds pretty close to pouring rain.

Craig Richard, a professor of biopharmaceutical sciences and founder of ASMR University told How Stuff Works that ASMR activates the same brain regions as bonding and grooming.

“This means that watching ASMR videos may activate your brain in a similar way as being with someone you care about while they play with your hair in a gentle way,” Richard said. “It is likely that the brain chemical, oxytocin, is strongly involved in ASMR because it is known to cause relaxation during bonding and grooming behaviors.”

A 2015 peer-reviewed study found that most ASMR users are just trying to stave off stress, chronic pain, sleep disorders and depression. While it may not be for everyone — Richard compared it to polarizers like cilantro and jazz — but it definitely helps many people cope with conditions.

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