This is how one company makes fake exposed brick walls


If you’ve ever wanted that exposed brick look, this might be the easiest way to get it.

The company Bolix manufactures dozens of chemicals and products that help construction workers create perfect façades. From Art Deco style to modern metallics and the classic brick effect, Bolix can make all sorts of exteriors and interiors.

The illusion of an exposed brick wall is not as difficult as you’d imagine.

First, the red plaster coating is spread on the wall. Then, a worker brushes the malleable plaster to give it texture. Next, they use tools to carve out horizontal and vertical lines. Each line of carving makes a gap between the plaster. This establishes the appearance of multiple rows of bricks. And just like that, the “exposed brick wall” is complete.

There are a ton of reasons why people opt for fake exposed brick versus the real deal. Removing drywall is a gamble because there is no way of knowing if the hidden bricks are secure until demolition day. Moreover, you may wind up needing a ton of expensive repairs like hiring an electrician for all those newly exposed wires.

Or you might need someone to fill in some huge gaps. All of the baseboards, window trim and door trim in a home are designed to align with the drywall. When you remove it, a large space between the exposed brick and trim remains. Then you’ve got to hire someone to fill it.

Luckily, a faux brick wall is more affordable and less likely to create a mess — all while achieving the same aesthetic effect!

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