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This 86-year-old marathoner runs for two hours every day

Ageless” profiles seniors who are pursuing their passions well into their golden years, from drag queen performances to competitive sports.

Ginette Bedard says you’re never too old to run — and she would know. The marathoner is 86 years old.

“I run two hours every morning … and I come back happy,” she told In The Know.

The octogenarian has already run 17 marathons in her lifetime — and she hopes to run 17 more, “if God permits.”

Credit: In The Know

She trains for her 26.2 mile runs every day by running on the sand along the beach near her home.

“I’m the only one and I love it,” she said. “I want to be left alone all by myself. It’s beautiful.”

Bedard has been running for more than 50 years. She says she’s “addicted” — and it shows.

“I can still wear my bikini from when I was 16,” she told In The Know.

While sorting through her many medals and awards, Bedard said the best marathon she’s ever been a part of was the first one, because that’s when she performed her best.

Credit: In The Know

“It’s nice to be number one,” she said.

Her son, Jerry Bedard, said she’s always doing something — seven days a week.

“She has motivation that astounds even me,” he told In The Know. “As long as she is physically able to, she will be out there.”

Bedard said her running has had a positive impact on her health — and not just because of all the exercise.

Credit: In The Know

“The running has made me patient,” she said. “My medication is my running.”

She’s not slowing down any time soon.

“Discipline, dedication, willpower, determination … life is good,” she said. “I’m 86, I’m still running. I’m going to run into my box.”

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