Popeyes 'unapologetically' makes major changes to restaurants: ‘It was time'


When history books describe the Renaissance, the chapter will be split into two. The first section will detail Europe between the 14th and 17th centuries, where art and literature thrived; the second will talk about Popeyes’ logo redesign.

Popeyes has released its more “mature” logo in an attempt to reach a larger customer base.

“It was time for Popeyes to translate its Louisiana roots in a more modern approach by completely redesigning the brand’s visual identity and restaurant image,” a press release obtained by Business Insider said.

Among the changes are the removal of red highlight over “Louisiana Kitchen, Inc.” The logo also now features thicker lettering and uniform spacing.

“It is clean and confident and a vast improvement over the goofy bouncing letters of the previous logo,” says Debbie Millman, the chair of the School of the Visual Art’s Masters in Branding program, explained to Fast Company.

Newly released packaging is described as “unapologetically orange” and boasts hand-drawn patterns that honor the chain’s Louisiana roots.

There’s even a new chicken logo, as evidenced by the opening of the first remodeled restaurant. The establishment, located in Marrero, La., now has a “clean, contemporary white exterior” to help the orange pop out. “Love that chicken” graffiti is painted on the brick wall lining the side of the restaurant.

Over the past 18 months, Popeyes has expanded worldwide, opening in places like Brazil, Spain and China.

The fast-food chain caused a frenzy in August 2019 when it announced the arrival of a new chicken sandwich that would rival Chick-fil-A’s. A Twitter war lead to chaotic lines outside of Popeyes establishments nationwide and locations running out of chicken.

Currently, Popeyes is the only fast-food brand to continue seeing success amid the pandemic.

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