Golden retriever enjoys an idyllic bath

There’s nothing like that feeling when someone scratches your hair or scalp. The relaxing sensation is no different for this golden retriever. A video shared by @gaemungchi on Instagram shows the dog getting scrubbed down by its owner.

The dog lies flat on its back submerged in bathwater. As the human scrubs its belly, the dog’s eyes are closed as if it’s relishing in the spa day. It sure looks like man’s best friend has learned a lot from us humans. The canine is so calm that when the human picks up its paw to wave it, the critter barely flinches.

The Facebook page Woof Woof re-posted the video where it received 261,000 likes.

“The dog looks so chilled out and pampered he loves the bubbles. Bless him,” one Facebook user wrote.

“Wish my dog was this happy in the bathtub! She would lay all day to get her belly rubbed like that but if water is involved she is out!” another said.

“This dog thinks it has died and gone to heaven… Neither of mine would lay so still for me and enjoy a bath!” one person added.

So why do dogs like petting? Research shows dogs appreciate petting from humans over spoken praise because it establishes emotional bonds. Petting makes dogs feel secure and loved. In fact, dogs are less likely to run away or have mental issues when they are petted more often.

Researchers attribute the centuries-long relationship between humans and dogs with the fact that the two species form bonds similarly. Both require physical intimacy and attention to create lasting relationships. So don’t forget to pet your dogs early and often!

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