This cat has no tolerance for human kisses

Momo and Cleo are two cat rescues in Hamburg, Germany. Their owners love to record the duo’s happy ending and document Momo and Cleo’s adventures on Instagram.

The two cats live up to their social media handle — life with them seems chaotic as they jump, duel and loudly whine from their balcony.

Their personalities really shine through the videos, especially Cleo who hates kisses. In one video, she leans backward until she can’t move further, so she just gets up and bolts.

In another video, her owner leans in for a smooch but Cleo cranes her neck as far backward as possible. The unimpressed expression on her face says it all.

“This kitty takes social distancing very seriously,” the caption joked.

The internet can hardly resist another moody cat. The video racked up over 405,000 views on Instagram.

“Even contorting for social distancing, that’s dedication,” one user wrote.

“I don’t blame you. Silly humans!” another wrote.

“Lmao. My cat does this to me all the time. Smh,” one person added.

According to Cat Health, some cats do enjoy or “at least tolerate” human kisses. It is most evident when a cat leans in, purs or rubs their head on you during a kiss. However, if the ears move backward and the cat hisses or swats, it’s a sign the cat is not into it.

It’s pretty clear Cleo is able to at least tolerate the affection from her owners. Nevertheless, cat people should know that the felines do show affection. A slow eye blink is a way that they direct their love for humans. Now of course, in typical cat fashion it’s done from across the room without physical contact and you might not even notice.

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