Makeup artist creates amazing bodypainting illusion

Makeup artist Mirjana Kika Milosevic is known for her spooky transformations. Whether she’s becoming a demon, a Bratz doll or a living emoji, Milosevic has got the skills to pull it off.

But it’s her optical illusions that might be the most impressive.

The Serbian makeup artist turns herself into a rolled-up torso in this innovative and sinister look. First, Milosevic sketches the outline of the skin folds just beneath her neck. Then, she adds lighting and shade with a white and dark brown color. Next, she makes her neck and head disappear. Milosevic paints her neck black to match the black backdrop. Finally, she pans the camera in tight below her chin so that it looks like she is a headless, rolled up torso.

Milosevic posted thetutorial on her YouTube channel where it was viewed over 12,000 times.

“As always a beautiful woman doing beautiful art!!! Your amazing, Kika!!!! Keep it up!” one YouTube user wrote.

“Your patience and dedication is amazing. Love your work,” another added.

“Amazing illusionist. Really love this one and all of your bodypainting illusions,” one person wrote.

Milosevic is a self-taught makeup artist. She takes much of her inspiration from animated and horror films, but her career started as a hobby and a necessity. Unable to get a job in her town, she painted walls then switched to children’s face painting after a spinal injury.

Unsatisfied with the limitations of the job, she began sharing the complicated illusions from her imagination on social media. You might say things worked out for Milosevic who has 578,000 subscribers on YouTube and 300,000 on Instagram.

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