Clever dog helps his owner take out the trash every day

A five-year-old American Bully loves to take out the trash.

Few would turn down help with the often dreaded chore, and owner Wirat Nualnoranart doesn’t mind help from the dog, named Setthee, one bit. A video shows the pair outside of their home in Prachinburi, Thailand completing the task.

Setthee enthusiastically grabs a bag of rubbish from a pile and marches it several feet away to a motorbike. He loads the trash bag onto a side basket and takes a few moments to explore the smells of the intriguing trash. The dog loads a few more bags and two large buckets. Then Setthee sits in the sidecar like a good boy before the two are off.

”Setthee has been doing this since he was little,” Nualnoranart told Newsflare. “He copies my behavior, so when he first saw me carrying bags of rubbish, he picked them up, too. Now he does it every day when we take the rubbish out. He really enjoys helping us.”

It’s unsurprising the dog likes to fetch things for his human owner, it’s what most dogs were bred to do. Humans began grooming dogs to assist with hunting and retrieving food at least 15,000 years ago. The dogs who were best at these tasks were selected to breed and pass down such skills to their offspring.

Dogs get to flex the ingrained behavior when you play fetch with them, it’s why they get so excited. Nualnoranart using her dog as a personal assistant may seem unusual in modern life, but it’s actually one the foundations of the human-dog relationship!

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