Woman sparks internet frenzy after sharing uncommon physical feature: ‘I assumed everyone had that’

A TikTok user has sparked a series of online revelations after discovering that her seemingly “normal” physical feature is actually fairly uncommon.

The strange, viral saga began when Zoe Kwee, who lives in New York, posted a video on May 8. In her clip, Kwee shares a part of her anatomy that she thought was “normal,” but recently learned was a trait that none of her friends have.

“Anyone else have this on the roof of their mouth!?!?!” Kwee captioned her video, which has since been viewed nearly 800,000 times.

Kwee went on to show the roof of her mouth, which features a hard, circular bump. The TikToker noted that the roofs of other people’s mouths are just “smooth” at the top instead.


Anyone else have this on the roof of their mouth!?!?!? ##fyp##foryou##gonnabefriends##foryoupage

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Kwee called the phenomenon a “giant tumor,” but in actuality it’s something far less dangerous. The bump is a torus palatinus, which Healthline describes as a “harmless, painless bony growth.” The growths occur in somewhere between 20 to 30 percent of all people.

The relative rarity of the bump seemed to take several TikTok users by surprise, as many commented with reactions echoing Kwee’s own shock.

“Omg i have that and i thought it was normal,” one user wrote.

“I assumed everyone had that,” another added.

“SOME PEOPLE’S ARE SMOOTH????” another wrote.

Kwee’s clip also inspired other TikTok users to make their own clips sharing their shock over learning their bump wasn’t entirely common.

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