Vietnamese city boasts first gold-coated hotel


Vietnam’s Hanoi Golden Lake hotel is the first of its kind.

While many hotels have a gold theme, none have a façade plated with real golden tiles. The 25-story building is covered in 5,000 square meters of gilded ceramic.

Passersby are reportedly mesmerized by the massive golden structure. Who could blame them? From far away, the skyscraper certainly stands out amidst the surrounding grey complexes. But up close, the golden tiles boast a unique metallic luster captured.

The hotel has 400 rooms, a golden rooftop infinity pool, gold-plated cutlery and gold-plated furniture. The cost of each apartment is $6,500 per square meter. Nguyen Huu Duong, general director of Hoa Binh Group, the hotel’s developer, says the unique project was always pricey and risky.

Duong told The Leader plating tiles in real gold requires a complicated method that most investors or property developers would hardly humor. So the Hoa Binh Group manufactured the plated tiles itself. Gold appears to be the company’s signature.

The developers used gold-plated elevators in the Hoa Binh International Tower and real gold parts in the Hoa Binh Green Apartment and Hoa Binh Green City complexes as well. Duong believes Hanoi Golden Lake will serve as an international marketing tool for Vietnam.

“As tourism has been identified as the spearhead of the local economy, the sector must have unique product to attract visitors. The Hanoi Golden Lake will become a place not to be missed in this sense,” Duong said.

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