This ‘fish cannon’ is used to repopulate ponds and lakes

This ‘fish cannon’ is used to repopulate ponds and lakes

Nisqually Trout Farms stocks Northwestern lakes and ponds with rainbow trout. The company uses a fish cannon to transport migratory fish who face hurdles caused by human destruction to populate bodies of water.

In the case of rainbow trout, the coldwater fish’s population is dwindling. Streambank and upland soil erosion, loss of riverside vegetation, logging and mining activities and pollution are just some of the causes. These obstructions make it difficult for the rainbow trout to move upstream and downstream which are critical to complete their lifecycles. Fish tubes are just one of the conservation efforts to help our water-dwelling friends.

The massive transparent tube is so long it winds around the grass and into the lake, attracting curious passersby. People gather to watch the huge trout swim in the jelly-like tunnel as the fish comically bulge and squirm as they travel into their new home.

“Now, I know how they get the fishies back in the lake. LMAO,” one Facebook user wrote.

“Never seen anything like this before,” another commented.

“I always wondered how they stocked ponds and stuff,” one person added.

Nisqually Trout Farm has been helping rainbow trout along for 70 years. Its trout are rigorously tested and certified disease-free. The family-owned business also provides fish for bioassay testing and research projects.

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